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Dubai has carved out a niche for ultra-luxury real estate that was once the realm of imagination. The Emirate now has accommodation options that offer the ultimate in luxury, exclusivity and a 24-hour hotel lifestyle.


Penthouses crown the pinnacle of luxury living. Occupying an entire floor or more, they provide ample space for indoor pools, home gyms, entertainment rooms and a variety of other types of entertainment. Full-height glass walls create a seamless flow inside and out, while built-in smart systems put you in control of everything at your fingertips.

Properties for sale in Dubai feature charming penthouses furnished to perfection. Expect interiors adorned with imported Italian marble, Swarovski crystal chandeliers, premium appliances and custom millwork. However, people on a tighter budget can find relatively inexpensive properties there.


Some prefer family living in the cocoon of a private villa. Options such as villas in Mudon Al Raneem and Expo Golf Villas, scattered throughout Dubai, have long been sought after by expatriates. The UAE is perhaps a country in which the market for such real estate is one of the most developed in the world. Many luxury villas are located on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. Foreigners often buy property there.

Condo hotels

Condominium hotels combine private ownership with luxury hotel services. Brands such as W Residences, Bulgari Resort and Palazzo Versace sell practical residences as well as on-demand access to nearby five-star hotels. Expect fine dining, housekeeping, events and luxurious experiences at your fingertips. Prices for a 1-bedroom apartment start from Dh2 million. Typically, such apartments are not purchased for permanent residence; Most of the time, apartments are rented out to guests, and the owner, in turn, receives a good income from this. Organizational issues are decided by the company that owns the complex.

In short, real estate in Dubai offers unparalleled luxury that few cities in the world can match. Whether you desire a luxury penthouse, a private city villa or an apartment connected to a hotel, real estate in Dubai offers first-class accommodation for the privileged class. The most important thing is that real estate in Dubai can also become a source of income, and we’re not just talking about condo-hotels, which we talked about above

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